Diplomacy and Policy Making

Below are examples of real world diplomacy and policy making efforts. Each of these real world scenarios fits into one of the four different types of setting and circumstances in which diplomatic measures are employed in the following excerpt. These diplomacy settings include hostile diplomacy, adversarial diplomacy, coalition diplomacy, and mediation diplomacy. Peruse each of the articles below, then, describe which of the real world situations best matches up with each of the diplomacy settings (because aspects of some can fit more than one type) and why. Make sure you first explain the type of diplomacy (i.e., what it's about, what's important about it, the type of situation when it takes place, etc.). Then be sure to give specific support-in your own words and without quoting from the articles-when explaining the connections between the type of diplomacy and the most appropriate example.

Refer to your course syllabus for the Standard Format for Written Work. Your paper only has to be as long as it takes you to answer these questions in a thoughtful manner.

Be sure to follow the Standard Format for Written Work in your course syllabus.

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IMPORTANT: Consider comments from Exercise 1 when completing this exercise, particularly to be sure you don't lose points unnecessarily.

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