International Politics Fall 2019

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Topic & Readings

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Course Syllabus

Exercise 1 Grading




NKU's Office of Education Abroad

Section I: The Basics, Theories, & States


The Basics


Here is a glossary you might find to be useful


*If you choose to follow along in the textbook, the posted chapter reading pages correspond with what we'll be covering at the time.


Chapter 1 pp 7-14; 22-27




The Basics
Discuss article, video, and map

Read about Mangroves and Blue Carbon watch this video, and look at this map

NOAA info on Blue Carbon



Finish The Basics

Discuss Melian Dialogue

Read The Melian Dialogue



Theories- Realism & Liberalism

For some background, read what Hobbes (realism) and Rousseau (liberalism) say about why people create governments


Chapter 3 pp 78-102


Applying the theories 


Read about Kashmir


The State


If you're interested: Recent considerations of self-determination, Amnesty International urges P5 to Give Up Veto, UN FundingAfrica's borders, more on Africa's Borders, and an historical recount of the Berlin Conference


Chapter 5 pp 171-178


The State

Discuss articles

Read Space Junk


If you're interested, a cool article about Space Junk, more on Space Junk, and one about Japan's efforts to collect space junk



States' Resources
Discuss exercise
Exercise 1 due

Exercise 1 Grading (i.e., things to make sure you do because I'll be looking for them in your papers)

If you're interested, an interesting article about Nigeria's No Fly Zone


Study day off Class not meeting

Study Guide



Exam 1 on Section I Remember to bring Blue Book and a pen

Section II: Securing the State


Global Economy





Global Economy



Reading: Chapter 8 pp 299-321


Finish Global Economy


Start Security & Cooperation


If you're interested: N. Korea Parking Tickets; sanctions on Russia




Security & Cooperation


Chapter 5 161-167 (except p. 165); Chapter 6

*If you're interested, more on NK's rockets


Security & Cooperation

Discuss readings

Class not meeting. Prepare these readings to be able to discuss these questions for 10/17:

If you're interested: Read about the effects of sanctions on Russia in response to it backing Iran and the Assad government in Syria or more on Vostok 2018.


Fall Break


Do something fun!


Finish Security & Cooperation

Discuss articles (see 10/10)



Security & Cooperation

Discuss article


Read A Charred Harvest

If you're interested, more on terrorism in the Sahel (in French) o, the conflict in Syria, or the bombings in Saudi Arabia (as they are connected to the conflict in Yemen), Tsentr-2019 war games


Chapter 4- pp 119-132


Finish Security & Cooperation


Diplomacy & Negotiating Power




If you're interested, more on Syria:

  • BBC- comprehensive and up-to-date
  • Al Jazeera- for a different perspective
  • CNN -up-to-date by specific event)

If you're interested, more on Yemen:

  • BBC- comprehensive and up-to-date
  • The Guardian- quick overview
  • CRF- overview with lots of additional links
  • CNN -up-to-date by specific event) Yemen

Here's an article about Libya, protests in Lebanon a video on Embassies, and another on Diplomatic Immunity (which ends at 4:13- the rest is an ad)


Finish Diplomacy & Negotiating Power

Discuss exercise

Exercise 2 due to Canvas by 9:00 am

Late submission terms: until 9:15 am, will lose .5 points; until 9:00 pm Wednesday 10/30, will lose 4 points.



Exam 2 on Section II

Remember to bring Blue Book and a pen

Study Guide

Section III: Securing the Planet



International Law

Discuss Mercury article

Read Mercury Agreement 

Chapter 5 145-153


International Law
Watch film
Class not meeting- Watch this film and consider the international issues as you view it.


A note about the video: This video works. If you experience viewing difficulties, it's your connection, etc. If you cannot connect from your computer, the university has computers/ labs available.


International Law
Discuss film, articles
Read A Line in the Sea and Force Majeure

Discuss film- Be prepared to discuss these Qs:

  • What transnational issues are apparent in the film?

  • How does the film demonstrate that states are self-interested actors?

  • How is state sovereignty challenged by events in the film?

  • How do events in the film demonstrate how difficult it is to monitor and enforce international law?

*If you're interested, here are more worthwhile articles: Small Reef, Big Problems, SCS Ruling, US Navy over SCS; The Nine-Dash Line, Bolivia's claim and the official ICJ ruling (and in plainer English)


Human Security & Development

Ch 7 and Chapter 9


If you're interested Iraqi protests


Human Security & Development

Discuss videos and articles

Read about/ watch

*TED talk about hero rats if you're interested


3rd Ed- Ch 9

4th Ed- Ch 9

If you're interested Mo Ibraham Foundation, Survey on Poverty, World Toilet Day 11/17, more about World Toilet Day, and a game


Discuss article
Read No Rosewood of Such Virtue


Chapter 10


If you're interested, more on Human Capital, Impact of eating meat on the environment



Discuss article


Read Saving Indonesia's Fisheries

If you're interested Fishing

Study Guide


Happy Thanksgiving  



Exam 3 on Section III Remember to bring Blue Book and a pen


Wrap-up session
In-class activity for Exercise 3

If you're interested in the Civilization course, here's a video of how the game works.

T 12/10 10:10- 12:10

Final Exam Time

There is no final exam. Instead,  Exercise 3 is due via Canvas no later than 12:10. See assignment for submission details.


Late papers will only be accepted until 12:30 pm, incurring a 2-point penalty. No papers will be accepted after this time.