International Politics
Fall 2023

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What We'll Discuss

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Course Syllabus


Additional info:



  • Do not print schedule; may be subject to change
  • Remember to regularly refresh this page
  • There is no textbook for this class. I will provide everything you need. You might also find these resources helpful:

    • An international relations glossary

    • Free open source textbook

    • If you choose to buy and follow along in the optional textbook, the posted chapters correspond with what we'll be covering at that time. We will not discuss anything specific from the textbook, nor will I specifically be referring to or referencing anything from it



No assignment



Some basics

No assignment

Section I
Theories & States


The Peloponnesian War



*If you choose to follow along in the textbook, the posted chapter reading pages correspond with what we'll be covering at the time.

Chapter 1 pp 7-14; 22-27



Theories- Realism & Liberalism 




Chapter 3 pp 78-102


Theories & Kashmir




If you're interested, United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan, Moderates in Kashmir, Long Way to Go in Kashmir, India-China Gunfire

If you're interested-read what Hobbes (realism) and Rousseau (liberalism) say about why people create governments



The State-Sovereignty


Discuss readings & video


**review Exer 1 (due 9/21)

Readings & video:

If you're interested-India, Kenya, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, the lengths countries go to



The State- Territory

Discuss articles-on Canvas Discussion Board- see announcement

*Questions on Exercise 1?


If you're interested, a cool article about Space Junk, more on Space Junk, and one about Japan's efforts to collect space junk; a much more in-depth look at the military aspect, and an interesting article about Nigeria's No Fly Zone, Falling CHinese Debris, Space Junk Same Problem as Climate Change?, It Came From Space, Robot Garbage Hunters, Dumping Trash on Mars!?!


The State- Population

No assignment


The State- Resources

Discuss readings and media

Readings & Media

If you're interested- NOAA info on Blue Carbon, video on how mangroves help the oceans, World Bank project in Indonesia,
IMF debt swaps in Belize

Chapter 3 pp 78-102


The State- Resources

Discuss Exercise 1
Exercise 1 due to Canvas at 10 am

-.25 penalty for 'briefly' late submission until 10:10 am
-Latest accepted submission at 10:45 am with a 1-point penalty
-no assignments will be accepted after this time since we're discussing Exercise 1 in class


The State- Resources

Discuss readings




If you're interested, more on EU-MX trade pact, India wants GI label, EU's GI sales worth a bundle, US-UK dispute, recent WTO ruling, China's Belt & Road Initiative, Dibs on Basmati, another cheese dispute, and the China-Australia tiff

A good source of information on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and some specific points on the situation

Remember you need a Blue Book and a dark ink pen to take the exam

October 10/3

Finish resources Study Guide for Exam 1


Exam 1 on Section I



Remember to bring a Blue Book and a pen
Section II
Securing the State, People, & the Planet



International Law
Discuss reading

Chapter 5 145-153

If you're interested, UN on Small Arms


International Law
class not meeting- watch film

Film (126 min.)

Discussion questions for the film:

  • How does the film demonstrate IL is primitive?
  • How is the Cold War an integral part of events in the film?
  • What transnational issues does the film address?
10/17 No Classes- Fall Break Do something fun!
TH 10/19 International Law
Discuss film and articles

*If you're interested, here are more worthwhile articles: Small Reef, Big Problems, SCS Ruling, US Navy over SCS; The Nine-Dash Line, Bolivia's claim and the official ICJ ruling (and in plainer English), US & UK in the South China Sea, more on AUKUS


The Environment
Discuss readings

If you're interested: Columbia Climate School on Fashion, Fashion's Impact, Sustainability Act, NY's bill, A Year without Buying Stuff


The Environment
Discuss reading

If you're interested Fishing, garbage problems Liberia, plastic bottles

T 10/31

The Environment
Discuss reading


 TH 11/2


The Environment
Class not meeting- complete & submit Exercise 2 tracking analysis
  • Exercise 2 due to Canvas by 12:05 pm

Security & Cooperation

Discuss readings

Readings & video

*If you're interested, mining licensing for Madagascar



Security & Cooperation

Discuss readings


If you're interested:


Security & Cooperation

Discuss readings




If you're interested

Chapter 5 161-167 (except p. 165); Chapter 6



Diplomacy & Negotiation
Class not meeting- Exercise 3 due at 12:05 pm

-.25 penalty for 'briefly' late submission until 12:10 pm
 -Latest accepted submission at 12:45 pm with a 1-point penalty.  No papers will be accepted after this time.


Diplomacy & Negotiation

Class not meeting--online Discussion Board- see email
No readings

*If you're interested, The History of OPEC, recent-ish OPEC decisions

Chapter 4- pp 119-132


Thanksgiving Day
No classes



Human Security & Development

Discuss Exercise 3, along with today's videos and articles

Readings & videos

If you're interested, TED talk about hero rats, and in Cambodia and another, APOPO, rats abroad, build your own light, Mo Ibraham Foundation, Survey on Global Poverty

Ch 7

Study Guide for Exam 2


Human Security & Development

Discuss videos and articles

Readings & videos:

Ch 9


Exam 2

Remember to bring a NEW Blue Book and a pen

12/7 Wrap-up session
In-class activity for Exercise 4
*If you submit Exercise 3 by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, 12/12, you will get +1 point on the assignment.


TH 12/14

Final Exam Time is 10:10-12:10

There is no final exam. Instead,  Exercise 4 is due via Canvas no later than 12:10, the end of your scheduled exam time.


-.5 penalty for 'briefly' late submission until 12:25 pm
 -Latest accepted submission at 11 pm with a 2-point penalty.  No papers will be accepted after this time.