International Political Economy
Spring 2019

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Course syllabus

1/17 Introduction to IPE: The Basics ***Remember to regularly refresh this page***

If you're interested in the CPTPP
Part I: Theory
1/22 Discuss Chapter 2
  • Chapter 2, The Concepts
1/24 IPE perspectives:
An Introduction


1/29 IPE perspectives:


1/31 IPE perspectives:

A modern example of Smith's ideas at work, if you're interested.



Reading Day- no class  




IPE Perspectives:


Discuss Chapter 7 Reading:
  • Chapter 7, Tuna

To ensure there are no free riders on the in-class assignment, I will give a quiz on Ch 7. You can use any handwritten notes you have on a piece of paper or in your notebook (not notes written in the book margins). There is no make-up quiz. If you get less than a 2/5 on it, you will have to complete the in-class assignment by yourself, rather than with a group.

If you're interested: Most sustainable canned tuna

Applying the Theories using Chapter 7
In-class assignment based on Chapter 7
Part II: IPE Areas, Concepts, Transnational Issues


International Monetary System


2/21 International Monetary System

If you're interested, an article about Somalia's cash situation, Somalia's mobile cash, J-Pop Girl Band, Venezuela's Cryptocurrency, and John Oliver on Cryptocurrency, latest Zimbabwe stuff: July crash, Oct zollar empty shops,

Here's one on habanero pepper cryptocurrency- a very different take on the currency


International Monetary System

If you're interested, a short, yet informative video about the EU


International Monetary System



If you're interested

Also, a good summary of how the Eurocrisis happened and the Greek situation:

  • Eurozone crisis explained
  • Greek debt explained
  • March


    Discuss chapter 3

    • Chapter 3, Spices


    International Monetary System
    Class not meeting- instead watch film (~2 hrs) (will be posted 2/28)

    3/12, 3/14

    Spring Break Do something fun!


    Finish International Monetary System
    Discuss film- Be prepared to discuss these Qs:
    • How do the events in the film reflect the interconnectedness of the IMS?

    • What are the key objectives of the IBBC? How does the IBBC take advantage of the interconnectedness of the IMS to meet these objectives?

    • How does the IBBC demonstrate how difficult it is to monitor and enforce international norms and law?


    International Investment & Financial Flows


    3/26 International Investment & Financial Flows Reading:

    If you're interested:


    Discuss chapter 5

    In addition to the chapter questions, be able to answer these:

    1. Why is Brazil a good destination for FDI?

    2. Identify the ways that this chapter on soybeans relates to what we just covered with International Investment and MNCs.

    • Chapter 5, Soybeans



    International Trade System Reading:

    Some ITS articles we don't have time to cover, but that might interest you:



    Class not meeting

    Complete Paper 1- Submit to Canvas no later than Sunday, 4/8 at 9 pm (will be posted 4/2)

    *Late papers will be accepted until Tuesday 4/9 at 9 pm starting with a 25% deduction


    International Trade System Readings:

    Some more ITS articles that might interest you:

    • Antigua asks for settlement money
    • A really interesting argument about why implementing tariffs now is a particularly bad idea, since Americans have already dealt with the blow of outsourcing/offshoring jobs to Asia and Mexico
    • This article does a great job of delving into the implications of the US- SK trade deal, and how the big guy always has the benefit when it wants to play that card
    • A thorough article detailing the interconnectedness between the China and the US
    • If you're not yet convince that NEM is better for more people than mercantilism, read this article
    4/11 Discuss chapter 4

    In addition to the questions in the book, also be able to answer these Qs:

    1. What incentives do the Ivory Coast and Ghana have, as sovereign states, to comply with the Protocol?

    2. Why the push for fair trade in the cocoa industry?



    • Chapter 4, Cocoa Beans
    4/16 The Global South
    4/18 The Global South


    If you're interested:

    4/23 The Global South No readings

    If you're interested: Brain Drain, Clothing Competition


    Discuss chapter 6

    • Chapter 6, Tomatoes

    4/30 Discuss chapter 8 Reading:
    •  Chapter 8, The Future



    Tying together IPE


    T 5/7


    Final Exam:
    Tuesday from
    Analysis Paper 2 due to Canvas no later than 12:10 pm. (Will be posted 5/2)

    Late papers will only be accepted until 5:10 PM Tuesday, May 1st, with a penalty 10%.