International Political Economy
Spring 2021

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Date Topic

Assignments/ Readings Due


1/12 T

Introduction to IPE

Syllabus questions?

Some basics

1/14 TH IPE Perspectives

I will be referring to these readings for examples, if you want to review them.

Classic writings:

Modern writings:

1/21 TH Applying the Theories

Discuss article

1/28 TH The Concepts

Discuss Chapter 2

  • Chapter 2, The Concepts
  • DQs

2/4 TH

The Global Supply Chain

Discuss Chapter 5

  • Ch 6- Tomatoes
  • DQs

If you're interested

2/11 TH

International Trade System Reading:

If you're interested:

2/18 TH International Trade System Readings:

If you're interested:

  • A really interesting argument about why implementing tariffs now is a particularly bad idea, since Americans have already dealt with the blow of outsourcing/ offshoring jobs to Asia and Mexico
  • This article does a great job of delving into the implications of a US- SK trade deal, and how the big guy always has the benefit when it wants to play that card
  • A thorough article detailing the interconnectedness between the China and the US
  • Farmer protests in India
  • More on US-MX sugar dispute
  • Recent WTO ruling

2/25 TH


The Global Supply Chain

Discuss chapter 4



If you're interested, the problems with cocoa production continue mica mining in Madagascar


3/4 TH

Class not meeting

Complete Paper 1

Due to Canvas by 12:05 pm
   -Late submissions will be accepted until :15 with a 2-point penalty.
   -No submissions will be accepted after that time.

3/11 TH


International Monetary System


Discuss chapter 3

  • Chapter 3, Spices
  • DQs
3/18 TH International Monetary System


If you're interested, a short, yet informative video about the EU, and one take on how Brexit came about and brief explanation of it and some consequences. Here's a great fairly recent example of Lebanon's trouble of holding a peg. Here's a video differentiating the IMF & WB, a video on currency manipulation, an IMF video on SDRs if you want way more details. This utterly fascinating video I happened across is about a N. Korean (yes, North) restaurant chain (Note: he keeps saying 'kimchi' but focusing in on potatoes- the kimchi is the dish to the left). More on the eco- (French; translation)

If you want to read what is now what might seem like ancient history, but with ongoing economic implications, these provide good summaries of how the Eurocrisis happened and how Greece got into dire straits:

  • Eurozone crisis explained
  • Greek debt explained
    3/25 TH International Monetary System



    If you're interested, lots of recent news on these issues:


    4/1 TH

    No Classes  
    4/8 TH

    Discuss chapter 5

    In addition to the chapter questions, be able to answer these:

    1. Why is Brazil a good destination for FDI?

    2. Identify the ways that this chapter on soybeans relates to what we just covered with International Investment and MNCs.

    • Chapter 5, Soybeans
    • DQs

    If you're interested

    4/15 TH International Investment & Financial Flows



    If you're interested:

    4/22 TH


    Discuss Chapter 7

    • Chapter 7, Tuna
    • DQs

    4/29 TH

    The Future
    •  Chapter 8, The Future
    • DQs



    TH 5/6


    Final Exam:
    Thursday from
    10:10-12:10, but you have until Saturday at 12:10 pm to submit

    Critical Thought Paper 2 due to Canvas no later than the end of final exam time, 12:10. Late submissions will be accepted until 12:30 pm incurring a 2-point penalty. No submissions will be accepted after that time.