Poster Presentation

The objective of the poster presentation is to inform the public about FT and sustainability issues. In the process of creating your poster, you should absolutely keep in mind, as we've discussed in class, to critically analyze the available information, as you’ll come across a lot of hype, biased information, and pseudo-science stuff.

For sustainability topics, you need to choose something specific, like 'desalinated water', versus a broad topic like 'water'. Refer to the course schedule for general topic areas to get you started.

For FT posters-Though you will learn the differences between the terms fair trade, ethically-sourced, and organic, it is not necessary to distinguish these differences for your poster, given the limited space. Just be sure that the brand products you mention are fair trade, ethically sourced or organic and fair trade certified.

Remember the following dates for this project:

Jan 30 Poster topic abstract due (100 word limit) to me by email by 11:00 pm
Feb 14  Register for Celebration by 11:59 pm
Feb 26 Submit poster draft to me
Mon, Mar 18 Submit final poster to me
Wed., Mar 25 Deadline to submit poster for printing
  • Save your poster in PDF format. Submit the PDF to Printing Services on a CD or flashdrive. Do not submit in .ppt or pptx format.
  • Also, print a copy of your poster on letter-size paper to give to Copy Center.
  • You will need to bring an 8 1/2 x 11 inch black and write printed copy of your poster for Print Services to see.
  • Submit at the Office of Printing Services, Landrum 202 (the door's in the wall by the Landrum stairwell exit, not in Landrum). Tell them it's a poster for the Celebration.
  • They will make it for you and let you know when you can pick it up for the Celebration.
Apr 5 Pick up poster from Printing Services
Apr 9  Celebration- Student Union Ballroom 12:30-2:45

When researching for and designing your poster, you should focus on including the below information and design points:

    For a sustainability issue, here are some information points to consider:

    For a sustainability issue, you should include:

    For a Fair Trade item, here are some information points to consider:

For a Fair Trade item, you should include:

Poster submission information: