Globalization - Tying it all Together



Skeptics and optimists have different views about the impact of globalization on culture, the global economy, and the environment. Similarly, justice globalists and market globalists have differing viewpoints. In many ways, the optimists align with the market globalists, while the skeptics are in agreement with the justice globalists. Your objective is to discuss how the skeptics and optimists, justice globalists and market globalists view the effects on, and future for people and the planet. (After you introduce the skeptics and optimists, justice globalists and market globalists, you can conflate and abbreviate as JG and MG throughout your paper.)


To consider the differing views about globalization, discuss three concepts. To remind you of some of the concepts we've discussed which cause disagreement between the JG and MG, you might choose state sovereignty, deregulation, international law, foreign direct investment (FDI), development, global north/global south divide (GN/GS), global civil society (GCS), corruption, glocalization, the collective good, and sustainability. You are not limited to these issues.


In discussing these views and concepts, you need to support each side with two examples from the readings/ media. You must use different article/media examples for each concept. You must also discuss the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen for each side to support your points.


You should set up your paper as such:


Intro: Introduce globalization, mention who and what concepts you intend to discuss


Body: You should organize around headers for each of the three concepts. Discuss the different JG and MG perspectives. Substantiate the connections you make between the viewpoints and concepts with two examples from the readings/ media and one example from the film. In discussing the three concepts, you should have six different article examples and three specific examples from the film for each concept.


No need for references as everything should be in your own words.


Avoid writing out article/media titles and instead just focus on the examples, as the source should be apparent from your description.


 Conclusion: Conclude by considering how transnational crime is a product of market globalism and a challenge to justice globalists.


You have a 1600 word limit for this assignment. If you exceed this limit, you will lose 10% from your grade for each block of up to 50 words, so grading would begin at 90%. List your word count at the end of your paper.


Remember to follow the Standard Format for Written Work laid out in your course syllabus. You should be specific (rather than making broad, general points) in your reading/media/film references. When discussing the film, be certain to use the characters' names and not the names of the actors. Film titles should always be italicized. You might want to refer to IMDB for characters' names and correct spelling. (Feel free to use just Salmon to refer to the film after your first use.)


This assignment is due to Canvas, no later than the end of final exam time as indicated on your course schedule. Late papers will only be accepted until 11:59 PM on the due date. This assignment is worth 20 points.


Important: Save the file as your last name, paper 2, like this: Weir, Paper 2, or you will lose 2 points.


Also important: Submit Paper 2 as a Word file only or I will not be able to grade your paper and you will receive a zero.


One more important thing: If Canvas is down, email me an attachment of your assignment to show you completed it on time and check back to upload it as soon as Canvas is again available. You must submit it to Canvas or I will not grade your paper.