What's Up Doc?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to travel.  These are some of the highlights along with occasional other items worth noting. 


Anyone who knows me knows I love to walk in the woods. Here's what it's like in April in Mt. Airy Forest.

I've been really bad about keeping this page updated. Since 2014, I've taken 'big trips' to several places--Italy (2015), Southeast Asia (2016), Southeast Africa (2017), and a few smaller trips, including Costa Rica (2015). For Spring Break 2018, I decided I was going to go through and post some pictures immediately, since I still haven't compiled some previous trips. So here is the album. Some day, in my copious free time, I'll get around to the Gold Coast, Cinque Terre, Borneo, and loads of lemurs...


I spent most of June in southern Africa, getting to see all sorts of things I'd never seen before. It was quite an experience. I actually went through the pictures and put them into an album soon after I got home, which was pretty impressive, since I have yet to go through the Ghana ones. Here are the links: Birds, Animals, reptiles, & insects, General photos, and Scenery.


I spent spring break in London and Bath with my mom, which was fun but unusually cold. In November, I went on a Fair Trade tour of Ghana. I have yet to go through those pictures, mostly because it was during the semester, but I hope to get to them sometime before my next trip in 2015...


Things were busy this year, so I only ended up taking a short trip to Peru. Since professionals take much better pictures of the Incan ruins, I only chose a few of my favorite places to highlight in the album.


In addition to going to a conference in Seattle with my favorite person, where we were able to take time out from the conference to go to the Seattle Art Museum, I got to go to Cambodia and Thailand for a few weeks, the highlights of which I put into an album. And here's another one, but there are some duplicates (years later, when I had to update the links from Picasa to Google, I have no idea why...)

This summer I went to a conference in Porto, Portugal, before which I spent a few weeks touring Turkey. Every stop in Turkey was worthwhile. Really. I thought I'd hate Istanbul because I'm not a city person, but it was really quite excellent. Portugal was also nice and I got to see a lot of the surrounding areas of Lisbon and Porto. Here is the album I put together.


I got to go to Central Europe for a few weeks, where I visited the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. My favorites places/sites/sights were the Astronomical Clock in Prague; Cesky Krumlov, Czech Rep; the Bellvedere Museum with the Klimt paintings in Vienna; the High Tatra Mts. in Slovakia; and Wielichzka Salt Mine in Poland. While in Krakow, a former student who was studying at Jagiellonian University spent a few days showing me the highlights.


I took a trek through through Morocco, followed by a visit to Barcelona and Paris. In addition to the general Morocco pics, I have more of people, scenery, flowers, dogs, architecture, tile, sculptures, and me.



Belize 2006  UAE 2006  

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