Spring/Summer 2006

Abu Dhabi

I was fortunate enough to get to take a group of students to a Global Women's Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates over spring break.  What an incredible experience!  I would encourage anyone and everyone who has the chance to go to the Middle East to go--you'll find that the people are very friendly and welcoming and want to minimize conflict just as much as we do. 

Left: The group on a day
trip to Dubai

Right: Signs everywhere
for the conference

Left: Do I look like I'm
having fun?

Right: Mosque at night


Left: Some students we met at the conference

Right: The famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai on the Persian Gulf

Left: The Spice Market--Most possibly my favorite place!

Right: A common sight in public places


San Diego

This year's International Studies Association's Annual Convention was held in San Diego.  Since I had just come from Abu Dhabi, the weather seemed rather cool (even though it was in the high 70s- to mid-80s).  Nevertheless, a very nice place to visit with an interesting history and unique mix of culture.

Scenic views of San Diego


Since San Diego is just about as close to Tijuana as NKU is to Cincinnati, I got to trek to Mexico while at ISA--another fortunate experience for an international relations person. 

Left: Eating take-away churros

Right: Off the beaten path

Left: Street vendor cart

Right: Hillside view

Left: Local eatery

Right: L.A. Cetto Winery


Okay-not nearly as exotic as the others by any stretch of the imagination-but nevertheless, an interesting place to visit. 

Left: Sally goes swimming

Right: Great seats at an Indians' game