I was fortunate to have the opportunity to teach a study abroad course in London for 5 weeks.  Most of the summer revolved around preparing for the class, mapping out destinations and directions, and actually being in London teaching the class.  Here are some pictures from the class trip.


(Left) University of London, King's College, Hampstead Campus is where we stayed.

(Right) At nearby Hampstead Heath, someone created this really large table and chair set in the middle of a field.

This is our first field trip to Greenwich for the European Union class.  The point was to see how the UK had an impact on the rest of the world through its naval exploration and power.


Josh stands on both sides of the Prime Meridian line while Thomas looks on.




(Left) Nicole and Miranda quiz the Beefeater at the Tower of London.

(Right) Melissa and Emily (with Tony, Ed, and Travis in the background) wait for the tour at the Tower of London.

(Left) Here we are outside of Caerphilly Castle in Wales. 

(Right) Ed, Travis, Thomas, and Emily scaled the wall of the castle.

(Left) Everyone had the pleasure of hanging with my husband, a much more entertaining person than me.  Here we are with the Welsh countryside in the background.

(Right)  York Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral north of Italy.  It also has 1/2 of all of the stained glass in England.  Here is some of it.

(Left) We're the ants in from of Clifford's Tower in York.

(Right) Everyone patiently waits for the train.

(Left) Marion & Deidre at Clifford's Tower in York.


(Right) And on the other bench we have Patty, Tony, Maria, and Melissa.

Some lovely photos from some other places I visited... 

Despite my several trips to the UK, I had never made it to some of the most visited places, namely Bath and Stonehenge. 

(Left) The Roman Baths--a great place for anyone who loves to look at really old rocks and stuff.

(Right) Carved pieces arranged as they probably would have been above the entrance to the Baths.

(Left) People often ask me where my last name originates--well, it's from the Old English for a dam in a waterway.  Here is a visual aid for you--Pulteney Weir in Bath.

(Right) Yeah, you've seen lots of pictures of Stonehenge, but how many with me in them?

(Left) Me trying some of the York Brewery's microbrews--something I never would have done before I met my husband.  The Centurion's Ghost Ale was surely the best.

(Right) Ah, to have the lavender in my garden be so lush!

(Left) I was lucky to have some friends in London at the same time as me.  My very sweet friend Marie was one. 

(Right).  To satiate my ongoing Agatha Christie appetite, we went to see the 21,932nd performance of Mousetrap.

I also got to visit one of my dearest friends who now lives in Germany. 

(Left) My friend Nicol and her very cool roommate Nicky eating mushrooms--something very commonly served in Germany--at the Libori in Paderborn.

(Right) An homage to women who did laundry (until the 1950s!) in the natural springs that form the Pader River.


(Left) As a professor of international relations, I couldn't pass up a trip to Munster to see the Friedenssaal, the site where the Treaty of Westphalia was signed.  My friends humored me and took me, but for some reason were not nearly as impressed...

(Right)  A very cool kirche spire in Munster.



      (Left) The monstrosity that is the Dom in Cologne, or Koln, as it is known in Germany.  The picture doesn't even begin to show all of it, or how enormous it is.

(Right) Me at the Dom.