What's Up Doc?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to travel.  These are some of the highlights along with occasional other items worth noting. 


Anyone who knows me knows I love to walk in the woods. Here's what it's like in April in Mt. Airy Forest. For Spring Break 2018, I decided I was going to go through and post some pictures immediately, since I still haven't compiled some previous trips. So here is the album.

My big summer trip this year was to Jordan and Greece. I list them in that order because I've been yearning to go to Jordan for more than a decade, but it never seemed to fit in with any other destinations, so this time I made it my prime destination. And yes, pictures are forthcoming (but I'm close on this one...).

The Treasury and phenomenal rock formations, Petra; The Dead Sea, The Acropolis, Peloponnese theater


Believe me, I know how fortunate I am that I get to trek around the world. This summer it was back to southern Africa. Via Johannesburg, I headed for Madagascar, inspired by the wildlife and nature from my time in Borneo. What a phenomenal place to visit. I followed that up with a week on neighboring Mauritius, which is an island paradise. And of course these pictures are also in queue to be put into an album.

Lemur Island and Grand Tsignsy, Madagasar


I headed back to Southeast Asia for an amazing time on Borneo and Bali, with city time in Hong Kong (not SE Asia, but it was a good transfer point from the US) and Singapore. And sounding again like a broken record, I have yet to organize an album.

Orangutan, pygmy elephants, sun bear, and a Balinese cooking class


I got to spend a month in Italy, hiking across Cinque Terre and along the Amalfi Coast, a visit to Sardinia, and cultural immersion in Rome and Tuscany. Oh yes, I have loads of lovely photos, but they haven't make it into an album yet.


The Colosseum, Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre, and Sardinia


I spent most of June in southern Africa, getting to see all sorts of things I'd never seen before. It was quite an experience. I actually went through the pictures and put them into an album soon after I got home, which was pretty impressive, since I have yet to go through the Ghana ones. Here are the links: Birds, Animals, reptiles, & insects, General photos, and Scenery.


I spent spring break in London and Bath with my mom, which was fun but unusually cold. In November, I went on a Fair Trade tour of Ghana. I have yet to go through those pictures, mostly because it was during the semester, but I hope to get to them sometime before my next trip in 2015...


Things were busy this year, so I only ended up taking a short trip to Peru. Since professionals take much better pictures of the Incan ruins, I only chose a few of my favorite places to highlight in the album.


In addition to going to a conference in Seattle with my favorite person, where we were able to take time out from the conference to go to the Seattle Art Museum, I got to go to Cambodia and Thailand for a few weeks, the highlights of which I put into an album. And here's another one, but there are some duplicates (years later, when I had to update the links from Picasa to Google, I have no idea why...)

This summer I went to a conference in Porto, Portugal, before which I spent a few weeks touring Turkey. Every stop in Turkey was worthwhile. Really. I thought I'd hate Istanbul because I'm not a city person, but it was really quite excellent. Portugal was also nice and I got to see a lot of the surrounding areas of Lisbon and Porto. Here is the album I put together.


I got to go to Central Europe for a few weeks, where I visited the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. My favorites places/sites/sights were the Astronomical Clock in Prague; Cesky Krumlov, Czech Rep; the Bellvedere Museum with the Klimt paintings in Vienna; the High Tatra Mts. in Slovakia; and Wielichzka Salt Mine in Poland. While in Krakow, a former student who was studying at Jagiellonian University spent a few days showing me the highlights.


I took a trek through through Morocco, followed by a visit to Barcelona and Paris. In addition to the general Morocco pics, I have more of people, scenery, flowers, dogs, architecture, tile, sculptures, and me.



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